Easy environmental certification

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Get documentation work under control. Keep an eye on your team's progress and workload. We help you stay organized, making the path to certification easy and predictable.

Making the path to certification easy and predictable

Making the path to certification easy and predictable

  • We make sure all projects follow BREEAM requirements
  • Keep an eye on your team's progress and tasks
  • Send tasks for audit

Stop searching through excel sheets and mail for the latest updates

We keep everybody updated on responsibilities and deadlines using notifications, comments, and timelines.

Book demo
Book demo

Let the experts do what they do best

Let the experts do what they do best

  • We let experts exploit their expertise instead of wasting time on mundane and frustrating tasks
  • Automatic follow-up email on uncompleted tasks
  • Avoid duplicate work. We transfer documentation between different phases of the project

This is how we simplify the process

Cooperate directly with your assessor in Init

Your assessor can audit and give feedback on all documentation directly in our platform.

Delegate tasks

We know that many people have to deliver documentation at different times. We make sure you know who is responsible for what tasks.

Digitalised BREEAM-manual

Stop scrolling through irrelevant criteria and documentation requirements. We only show you the relevant requirements for your project.

Helping some of Scandinavia's largest contractors and developers

Customer feedback

"I use init in my BREEAM projects and it's incredibly liberating to let go of all the excel sheets and various email threads that used to take up a lot of my time!"

- Mona Nilsen Ervik - Engineering Manager, NCC Building

How to get started with init

1. Book demo

Book a meeting with our team. You choose a date and time that works for you.

2. We tailor a plan specific to your project

After the initial meeting, we will help you choose the right subscription plan for your needs.

3. We help you get started

We will make sure you are confident in using all our tools. Our support team will always be available.

4. Get environmental certified

Get environmental certified